Thursday, May 13, 2010


Thank you for joining in and committing to 40 days of prayer for our nation as we count down to the 4th of July. Starting on May 25th and ending at midnight on July 3rd we will be in prayer daily for our country. On July 4th, our Day of Independence we will go forth in celebration and thanksgiving for our country, our freedom and our faith in God that He has heard our prayers and will answer according to his will.
We take our call to prayer from 2 Chronicles 7:14. "If my people", the first 3 words in this scripture is a stark reminder that it is to the believer God is speaking. A very sobering thought, isn't it? First and foremost God calls His own people to repentence, and turning from our sin.
Start now asking the Lord to prepare your hearts for this time of intense prayer and seeking His face for our country and ourselves. Ask him to reveal to you any area in your life where you are in disobedience to him. Eagerly await his reply. Our God is a God who longs to restore a broken relationship, and he will do so without condemnation.
Make a list of those things God places on your heart to pray about. This will give you a good start. A list will be posted for concentrated prayer. If you would like to suggest an item to add to the list please send it to:, or add a comment to the blog.
Again, thank you for joining us at this crucial time in our history. We must stand up for our Christian values and freedom or we will lose them.
To God be the glory for all he is doing and is about to do.
May God bless you and our nation.